Creative Kitchen has lot's of different services to help you with your meal prep !

In home personal chef

In home personal chef service is great for the family who is always on the run. 
Have a trained chef come into your home each week leaving you with a delicious selection of meals for the week. 
You get to choose 5 recipes each visit (25 servings) of your choice or suggest your own (please email for list of ideas) 

You will be supplied with a printable shopping list for easy shopping. 
Pick from weekly or bi-weekly visits 
All meals will be ready for your convince and a full kitchen clean up when done. 

$90.00 + tax

In person classes

Please contact to book for a In person cooking class

Small group catering

Having a dinner party with some friends? 
Have a chef come into your home to cook you and your guest a delicious meal.
Contact for pricing. 


Have a event and want to learn about meal prep? 
Chef Jen will come in and teach the ropes of meal prep and share a few easy cooking demos. 
Contact for pricing.


Planning a retreat ? 
Let us help with the food ! 

Healthy Eating challange

Join Chef Jen for 90 days to learn about healthy eating. 
Receive a package in the mail of all the spices you'll need. 
90 days of cooking skills, nutrition & learning to feel confident in the kitchen ! 

This is a lifestyle that you can continue on with forever.
Let me help you make the change.