Is this something you hear daily in your home?
Are you tired of coming home to cook your family supper but then have to turn around and cook a SECOND supper just to please your picky kids? 

If you can relate we would love to invite you to our collaboration event with Kim (Registered Dietitian) from On Your Table -  She coaches parents to gain confidence and can create happy meal times to support their child's progress with food without pressure or stress 
Chef Jen - professional chef helping busy families get in the kitchen without the overwhelm by using simple recipes and easy systems to make it feel fun!

What you will get : 
>>Cooking demos to teach you how to put everything together easily 


>>Recipes + shopping list for when you are ready to do this at home 

>>Proven Strategies to help your kids feel more comfortable around new foods.

Are you ready to make a change in your home for a more happier mealtime experience ? 
Come join us in our masterclass 

December 3rd 730pm EST 

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