Monthly Meal Prep Subscription​

Bring your family around the table and rediscover the power of mealtime.

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Are you struggling with meal prep?

Mealtime has become more of a chore. 
You spend more time in the kitchen creating a mess then creating meals that you and your family enjoy. 

You are bored of the same meal rotation. 
You are spending more on going out to eat and prepackaged meals. 
You are spending hours meal prepping a week. 
You are tossing out your food that's been sitting in the fridge for weeks. 


My name is Chef Jen and I help time starved families get into the kitchen and EASILY and EFFICENTLY prep their meals for the week in 1 hour

See what some of our members are saying:


4 delicious new recipes each week that will cover your lunch and suppers every night of the week 

Easy to follow shopping list and printable recipes 

Chef led cooking classes every Monday to help you create your weekly meals in just 1 hour 

A library of pre recorded cooking classes , tons of meal plans and shopping list 

Bi-weekly dietician talks - She will cover our meal plans for the last two weeks and give us all the in's and out's of nutrition. 

Weekly grocery store deals - Save more money every week

Weekly accountability check in's - Chef Jen and her team will be reaching out to you individually to make sure you are doing the work ! 
It's one thing to say you will prep but you more likely to with our guided help !

It is time to feel freedom from mealtime, start having fun, saving a TON of money , trying new things and enjoy being around the table again as a family. 
Join the family and gain back your time. 
You won't regret it.

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