I can see you stressing from here about what to pack ..

It's time to make a change and not have them come HOME with a full I right?
It's time for me to INTRODUCE the best program yet: 

This club is all about the kids and making their lunchtime more enjoyable. 

-Each week get inspired by new ideas from Chef Jen. 
-Monthly Lunchbox notes to print, stick in their lunchbox and make them feel a little extra special
‚Äč-Weekly hacks to help you sneak in the most impossible veggies into their meals.
- Community support to share , ask questions and get all the best tips 
Let's stop all the fighting about lunches, it can be a struggle but I am here to make the change. 
And all you have to do... 
Is just join.
You deserve a stress free school year , mama bear. 
Click here to Join