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$60 meal prep LIVE class​

Eat well , for less

It's time to save money , eat well and live the stress free life you dream of​

" I can't eat healthy it's to expensive " 
" I don't have time to cook healthy meals for my family " 
" Buying junk is easier and cheaper" 

Have you said these comments or something similar ? 
Chances are you HAVE. 
And I'm here to tell you that is a LIE. 
You CAN eat well and save money

Hello, My name is Chef Jen, I help families rediscover the power of meal time 
And SAVE TIME & MONEY weekly. 

With the right tools in place you can too. 
Join Chef Jen in a FREE group to help you plan meals for you and your family
This 5 day FREE challenge will help you with : 
Meal planning
Cooking demos 
and unlimited support with chef Jen

Are you ready to go from BROKE and not knowing what to eat .. to saving money and feeling amazing about what you are serving your family every evening? 
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